BillPaymentCheck Quickbooks Online Documentation

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Bill Payment Check Entity

Bill Payment Check


  • Bank Account Ref
    BankAccountRef: Bank Account Ref -- BillPaymentCheck.BankAccountRef

  • Print Status
    PrintStatus: Print Status -- BillPaymentCheck.PrintStatus
    PrintStatus Enumerated Values:
    • NotSet
    • NeedToPrint
    • PrintComplete

  • Print Status Specified
    PrintStatusSpecified: Print Status Specified -- BillPaymentCheck.PrintStatusSpecified

  • Check Detail
    CheckDetail: Check Detail --
    QuickBooks Notes: Unsupported field.

  • Payee Addr
    PayeeAddr: Payee Addr -- Address to which the payment should be sent.

  • Bill Payment Check Ex
    BillPaymentCheckEx: Bill Payment Check Ex -- Internal use only: extension place holder for BillPaymentCheck.

BillPaymentCheck Quickbooks Online API/SDK Sample Code:
Bill Payment Check C# Example